Special Interest Group for Arts Educators

ISTE's SIGAE is the home of arts educators and arts supporters within the larger ISTE organization. SIGAE strives to provide quality learning and networking experiences centered on the intersection between technology and the arts, including dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.

To further this vision, SIGAE:

  • assists ISTE in ensuring an arts presence at the annual conference.
  • organizes a chairperson and reviewer team to read and score ISTE conference proposals related to the arts and technology.
  • holds an annual meeting at the ISTE conference.
  • communicates regularly with its members about arts- and technology-related events and resources.
  • provides opportunities for SIG members to network and learn about arts- and technology-related events and resources.


Opportunities for 2013-2014:

Planning has begun for ISTE 2014 in Atlanta. Check back for updates!

Webinar archive:

Watch the recording of Wired for Student Success: A Crosswalk between the Arts and Technology Standards for Students, presented by Scott Jones of the Arts Education Partnership, here. You can also download the chat transcript:

Watch the recording of Jennifer Delsite's webinar, Think Art! Incorporating elements and principles of visual art for a creative classroom, here. You can also download these files from the webinar:

Watch the recording of Drew McAllister's webinar, Interactive White Boards in the Arts Classroom, here, You can also find the chat transcript, which contains links to resources, here.

SIGAE Sponsor:

Jamie Kasper
Associate Director
Arts Education Collaborative
401 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1840
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Twitter: @ArtsEdCollab
Skype: arts.education.collaborative